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        We are proud to introduce to you world's most secure technology PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) for IOB's
        Corporate and Individual Internet Banking customers.

        Register your digital certificate with us to carry out your banking transactions with an additional layer of

        Digital certificates can be purchased from one of the following certifying authorities :

        1. Capricorn CA
        2. Safescrypt
        3. eMudra
        4. nCode Solutions

        Steps to register your certificate :

        1. Login to your Internet Banking (Corporate/Individual login)
        2. Click on "Register your digital certificate" from the "Accounts" menu
        3. Choose your Certifying Authority (certificate issuer) and upload your certificate

        Your certificate will be registered in our server after which an intimation mail will be sent to your registered email id.

        The device which can store your digital certifiates is an eToken.    

      Benefits to you :  
  • Hacking into your Internet Banking by a hacker is impossible, as the eToken is physically required by the user to login to the account.
  • Even if your username and password is leaked, no other user can login into your account without the eToken.
  • The data can be digitally signed using your certificate from your eToken to ensure integrity and authenticity

      Benefits to Bank :  
  • The comfort that your money is handled only by you and not a hacker.


   Aladdin eToken Installation Drivers:    
  • eToken Autorun Package
    (Click Here to download eToken Autorun package)
  • Windows 2003,XP,Vista,7 - 32bit
    (Click Here to download eToken driver)
  • Windows 98,2000
    (Click Here to download eToken driver)
  • Windows 7,Vista - 64bit
    (Click Here to download eToken driver)

    Signature Verifier:      

       The data digitally signed during transactions using eToken can be obtained from the bank on

       Click Here to download the Signature Verifier.



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