Money Home – Fast track channel for remittance to India
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Do you send periodical remittances to India? Try Money Home – The smartest way to send money to India from the USA!

Features of the scheme

  • Remittances in the form of cheque or draft in US dollars payable in USA are accepted
  • Maximum amount of USD2000
  • Remittance into accounts of Indian branches of IOB
  • Collection charge of USD 10 per instrument
  • Faster clearance of Instrument

IOB brings to you "Money Home", the smartest way to send money to India from the US. Generate a Deposit Slip, Fill it and mail it along with the cheque to our mailbox in the US and relax... Your money reaches your loved ones in 5 working days..* No hassles.. no anxiety.... Try it

Please familiarise yourself with this product by going through Terms and conditions and FAQs before booking a Transaction


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Generate a deposit slip and print itDEPOSIT SLIP ENTRY
Mail it with your cheque to:-LOCKBOX ENQUIRY
P.O.Box #18974
New Jersey 07191-8974